Ritija Rice Gupta (Executive Producer, Mistakes Were Made) has been telling stories onstage since 2013, when the first story she told was nominated for a “Best of 2013” award from Story District. Since then, she has been invited to perform at the hallowed stage at the Apollo Theater as part of the “Women of the World” festival with the Moth, the Avalon in LA, and all over the country. She has appeared on the Risk! podcast and her story, “You Belong,” went viral on Upworthy in 2016, the same year she received a Mead Theater Lab Fellowship to produce and perform her sold-out solo show, “Charming the Destroyer”. In the first six months of 2018, she performed around the country nearly 30 times, and began her work as Chief Storyteller at the Institute for Personal Leadership, coaching executives and teams from American Express, CNN, Google, as well as other large companies, asset management firms, fintech firms, and startups in personal and business storytelling.

In July 2018, after decades of being fascinated by failure (and feeling a need to confront it head on), Ritija and her husband Andrew Rice (Executive Producer, Mistakes Were Made), launched the show at Caveat in New York City. With Caveat’s support and the many talents of the New York storytelling community, they began slowly by testing the waters to see how audiences responded. After a few successful, raucous shows, Mistakes Were Made began its expansion in April 2019 and is now in DC, LA, and San Francisco (in addition to its original home at Caveat in NYC) with more shows planned in Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, and more.

The main tenet of “Mistakes Were Made” is that failure is not necessarily final, but it can be very, very funny. We believe in resilience, facing challenges with a little bit of humor, and remembering the vast community we all have around us who are rooting for us. Join us at one of our shows by checking the “Events” section, or let us know if you have a story you’d like to share (or are interested in hosting a new market) by filling out our story and/or host form. There’s more on the way, so keep in touch with us—we love making new friends, and are thrilled to meet you!