I work with individuals and businesses to better connect with their audiences—and themselves.


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For Organizations:

I’ve truly enjoyed watching the impact that storytelling and personal narrative consulting has had on the organizations I’ve worked with. With over 15 years in traditional business and innovation roles, I understand the business cases that venture capital firms and their portfolio companies, financial advisory firms, innovation departments, non-profits, and more may face when connecting with their clients or audience—or in developing a healthier corporate culture and environment for change.

Whether you’re looking for tried and true resources, or you’d like to co-develop an experience, there are great solutions I’d be happy to explore with you.


For Executives:

It’s been a privilege to work with executives from American Express, CNN, Google, Refinery29, Samsung, various financial advisory firms, and more to support their ability to connect with clients, improve their personal branding, or enhance their executive presence. What does this mean? Personal narratives and the way we approach our stories are a key component of how we connect with other people, and how we view ourselves. I am always honored to help individuals unlock their potential by examining the way we tell our stories, not just to others, but to ourselves.

The 1 on 1 workshops over the summer [were] an invaluable experience...I told this story at [a notable competition]. The reception from the judges and audience was priceless.
— Storytelling Talent
You helped me figure out how to tell a story I’ve wanted to tell for years.
— Executive, Large Financial Firm
This is something I wanted to bring to my firm to help the companies we work with tell their stories better—not just their pitches but their personal narratives.
— Venture Capital Partner
The group loved your session!...The participants loved your session and took meaning away in the form of inspiration and personal development.
— Conference Organizer

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